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What Are The Core Principles of Collaboration?

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The notion of how we collaborate has been one that whilst often discussed has never really been nailed down. Game theory offers up the basic tit-for-tat principle whereby we collaborate until the other party proves themselves untrustworthy, at which point collaboration breaks down.
Here are some principles of mass collaboration:

*Participation–You want to encourage participation from across your organization.

*Collective–As collaboration will involve taken relatively narrow perspectives and making them broad, you will need to help the group reach a consensus and then take action collectively on the decisions they make.

*Transparency–Feedback and trust are essential elements of collaboration.

*Independence–You’ll need to ensure that group-think does not emerge and that people are thinking for themselves.

*Persistence–You will need to be persistent in your application of these principles.

*Emergence–Remember that the point of mass collaboration is to achieve great results.

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