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What is engagement in a crowdsourcing practice?

Summary Engaging users' in the crowdsourcing process plays an important role in the success of practice. There are different issues related to users' engagement that can affect the outcome of the practice. Purpose of the practice, fairness of the rewarding system, richness of tasks and multimedia tools, transparency of communication, clarity of reputation system are some the main elements regard to user engagement.
In this survey, we keen to identify and verify the main elements of users' engagement. The results of the survey will be used to generate an interactive guideline for a successful crowdsourcing practice.
Description I am Behrad Mirafshar ( ) and I am doing a master thesis on how crowdsourcing can be used in the early stages of innovation process. I am studying at BTH in Karlskrona, Sweden.

I already posted my plan for the thesis on and this is the link to it =>

By this survey, we would like to know a bit about user engagement. We hope by using the findings of this survey and other hired methods, we could generate a good guideline for successful crowdsourcing practice.

Survey URL:

Please do support us in this cause.

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