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Whitepaper Presents Community Sourced Approach to Better CrowdFunding Campaigns

The whitepaper, titled “Crowd Sourced Funding – Don’t just Crowdfund. Communityfund”, reveals that the cost and challenge of raising money from the crowd can be offset by properly conceptualizing the universe of prospective investors as a set of communities.Communities, as a collection of people with a common self-identification around a geography, demographic, or affinity, are the contexts in which a business operates. From the geographic communities that are home to employees, factories, retail locations, fulfillment centers–to the industries that a business may identify with, these communities are critical to understanding the potential and value of a prospective community funding campaign.
CommunityLeader provides three applications that together create the market’s first quality-based, compliance focused and community-centric ecosystem for crowdfunding:

- "CampaignLeader" is a business development platform for companies seeking to effectively develop, implement and support a successful crowdfunding campaign.
- "CommunityInvestor" is a smart-phone enabled application for individuals to track, commit and subscribe to the business they want to support.
- "Apicista" is an accredited crowdfunding platform for our strategic partners to connect quality businesses with qualified investors in their own communities.

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