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Why Marketers Should Invest in Crowdsourced Research

Summary Marketers need to invest in crowdsourced research because of the advantages that it offers, such as the following:

1. Cost-effectiveness
2. Quick Turn Around
3. Flexibility
4. Collaboration
5. Velocity
6. Marketing and Marketing Research

Crowdtap, which is still in beta, is a tool that fills the gap between traditional research and digital, and helps with insight gathering, customer empowerment and influence. It's a very useful tool for market research.
Description Chris Pitre has done an excellent job in explaining why marketers should invest in crowdsourced research.

He also presented Crowdtap, as a research tool that he's company is using and is working great for their market research. Crowdtap is used to augment their research activities, especially when time is of the essence (i.e. new business pitches, client presentations, low-budget projects). Brands and agencies can leverage Crowdtap to target questions (polls, discussion topics, and open-ended queries) to a certain demographic profile subscribed to the tool.

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