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2011 Crowdsourcing Industry Survey

2011 Crowdsourcing Industry Survey

When I first wrote the Wired article, The Rise of Crowdsourcing, that coined that term, I could count the number of organizations using crowdsourcing on my hands and feet. Over the next several years crowdsourcing continued to grow: slowly, and organically, at first, then rapidly and egged on by an increasing number of books, articles, and the burgeoning hype around all things social media. By the time my book hit the stands in late 2008 the days when I could recount, from memory, all the important players in the crowdsourcing field were long gone. As I moved on to new projects, I wondered when someone would come along and conduct a comprehensive survey.

I'm happy to note the wait is over. 

Today, the website launched a complete redesign. And yet, in many ways, this was less important than a simultaneous initiative: The Crowdsourcing Industry Survey, the first of a number of planned initiatives that over the coming months will collect crucial data about every major and minor company or institution employing forms of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. This first survey is targeted at the crowdsourcing category of Cloud Labor. It's an ambitious effort, and one whose value will serve anyone interested in using or studying the crowdsourcing phenomenon. We hope you choose to participate.

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