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2013CF Crowdfunding Market: Software and Solutions Report

2013CF Crowdfunding Market: Software and Solutions Report

Massolution Report Offers Strategic Approaches and Compares Software & Solutions to Help Successfully Select and Launch a Crowdfunding Platform                  Buy Now

A new form of capital formation has emerged. Spurring growth, creating jobs, and fueling innovation. Crowdfunding is disrupting the way enterprises, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and individuals raise capital from friends, family, communities, the general public, and investors.

At the center of the new crowdfunding ecosystem sit the crowdfunding platforms (CFPs). While globally, many hundreds of CFPs have emerged, there is still plenty of open territory in the crowdfunding space. Many communities remain underserved, and market-creating regulatory reforms are pending, which ultimately will see the launch of many more CFPs. We are, however, observing a maturing of the crowdfunding industry, reaching the next stage in its evolution as a market emerges of commercial providers of crowdfunding software and solutions.

As first of its kind, Massolution is publishing 2013CF Crowdfunding Market: Software and Solutions Report. It is a definitive guide to available crowdfunding software and solutions providers. This clear and concise report will guide you to the choices for building the platform you want, whether it is for donations, rewards, lending, equity, or royalty; whether it is a new site, an addition to an existing one, or a single campaign; whether you do it yourself or hire a provider.

The report and exclusive web access to all provider profiles and comparisons is the outcome of extensive research of the market for crowdfunding software and solutions, and a deep analysis of 30 providers identified through Massolution’s leading market research into the crowdfunding market. Company and solution profiles are presented for each provider and compared against the market in terms of platform types, features, business terms, and prior work.

If you are a market observer or serious about launching a crowdfunding platform, this report will provide you with invaluable market data that will help you investigate the market, learn about available options and speed your time from idea to launch.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
a. Foreword
i. Evolution of the Crowdfunding Market
ii. An Emerging Ecosystem
b. About this Research
i. Methodology and Presentation
ii. Research Team
iii. About massolution
c. Definitions and Taxonomy
i. Crowdfunding Defined
ii. Crowdfunding Models
2. Entering the Crowdfunding Market
a. Market Strategy
i. The Crowdfunding World Map
ii. Funding Volumes
iii. Crowdfunding Activity
b. Business Model and Strategy
i. Crowdfunding Model
ii. Revenue Model
iii. Cost Components
c. Market Positioning
i. Understand Your Crowd
ii. Branding and Uniqueness
iii. Integration with an Existing Site
iv. Affiliate Programs
v. Platform Networks
d. Buy vs. Build
3. Buy vs. Build
a. Requirements
b. “Buy vs. Build” Decision Matrix
i. License Standard Solution
ii. License a Standard Solution or Assemble In-House
iii. Build and Assemble In-House
iv. Develop with a Partner
4. Other Considerations
a. Ongoing Support Costs
b. Platform Features
i. Dashboards and User Experience
ii. Administrators Interface
iii. Configurability
iv. Mobile Integration
v. Social Media Integration and Widgets
c. Operational Considerations
i. Traffic and Scalability
ii. Payment Processing
iii. Electronic Signatures (for Lending- and Equity-Based Platforms)
5. Crowdfunding in the U.S.
a. Introduction
i. A New Market
b. Compliance
i. Implications
ii. Tax Compliance
iii. Rewards and Securities
iv. Securities Dealers-Brokers
v. Transactions
vi. Investor Network Platforms
vii. Other Issues
6. Trends and Developments
a. Outlook
i. Expansion of Build Your Own Options
ii. API Markets
iii. Investor Network CFPs
iv. Integration of Advanced Tools
v. Mobile Offerings
7. Summary
a. Overview

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  • Tamta Siradze Tamta Siradze Aug 27, 2013 01:28 pm GMT

    Is it usefull for developing peer-to-peer lending site, if no, please could you tell us which research will be helpful in this field?
    Thank you

  • Carl Esposti Carl Esposti Aug 27, 2013 02:19 pm GMT

    Tamta - you should find the report and the associated data base, available only to subscribers, of great value. The report covers options for lending/debt-based crowdfunding solutions (P2P) as well as reward-, donation- and equity-based crowdfunding.

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