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A Lot Can Be Achieved in a Year on the Internet!

A Lot Can Be Achieved in a Year on the Internet!

Monday, September 26 is going to be a big day for us at and, of course, for all our daily visitors. As we approach the first anniversary of the launch of the site – we launched at CrowdConf2010 on October 4 last year – looking back over the year we have acheived a lot and had a great first year, establishing a great following and earning the respect of many people we admire and many we don't yet know.

I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front, but it hasn’t been because I took the summer off! Apart from my relocation from Dallas back to L.A. (how pleased am I about that!), trips to give presentations at various crowdsourcing conferences in Europe and a trip to São Paulo in August to present at the first Latin American conference on Crowdsourcing, we have been really busy working on a number of important initiatives.

Tomorrow mid-morning Pacific Time, all being well, we have an exciting new site to unveil. We have given the site a massive overhaul and we hope everyone likes it – we think you will! Over the next few weeks we will be introducing a range of additional features including live chat, featured videos and great new whiz-bang technology for a whole bunch of user-friendly options such as social sign-up, log-in, share and comments, etc.

Another exciting initiative we are also launching tomorrow is the first comprehensive industry survey that will allow us, and others that get access to the data, to answer many of the questions we have all been dying to address – questions such as how big is the industry, how fast is it growing, how much work is being performed, what’s its nature and what money is being spent. We are looking to answer these questions and more.Conducting industry research isn’t new for our team, so we know we have approached this thoroughly. We have been preparing the initiative for a few months, we have run the survey past many of the leading providers of crowdsourcing services within the focus area of this research, responded to feedback and secured buy-in from many providers within the market. You can’t rush something of this nature if you want the results to be comprehensive, reliable and trustworthy.

This research will help establish the viability of the crowdsourcing industry and support its growth by providing insightful information to inform buying decisions of enterprise clients, build foundation for further research of crowdsourcing models within academia, enable development of market strategies by crowdsourcing service providers, and provide invaluable industry facts and figures to journalists and bloggers. Please support the initiative, help raise awareness, do what you can to secure participation from companies you know or work for. The availability of reliable, fact-based, data is essential for the establishment of crowdsourcing as a viable business model.

We are also working on another special project which will be made public during October – this has also been in the works for a few months but we are now just a few weeks away from its release. It will be another resource for the industry, this time aimed at making sure that everyone has a chance to understand what crowdsourcing is all about irrespective of age, knowledge or experience.

The other thing we have been busy with is working with some big companies as they look at crowdsourcing to figure out how and where it plays in the large enterprise. As a result we have developed some really valuable frameworks and data sets that help organizations identify how and where they should crowdsource work. The feedback we are receiving from many sources within industry and academia is that we are breaking new ground with this work. I’ll share more about this in another post.

So, twelve or so more hours before we lift the curtain on the new site! Enjoy!

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