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A Phenomenal Response to Our Crowdfunding Survey

A Phenomenal Response to Our Crowdfunding Survey has just completed the first step in our crowdfunding industry research project, gathering a rich data set from half of the current platforms in the marketplace via our recent online survey, which is now officially closed.

Over the next several weeks our analysts will review all of the more than 170 survey responses and release a detailed research report in the second quarter of 2012.

"We received detailed responses from approximately half of the platforms that are active in today's market in the US and overseas," says founder Carl Esposti. "This reflects a phenomenal
response to the survey and clearly demonstrates the drive by crowdfunding platform operators to establish crowdfunding as a new asset class."

We received responses from both established platforms like RocketHub, IndieGogo, Kickstarter and Kiva as well as more recent launches and niche platforms within certain sectors or geographies like AppsFunder or Brazil's Catarse. This substantial data set represents each category in the marketplace.

"We will be able for the first time to publish reliable facts about the crowdfunding industry's size, trends, composition and characteristics," says Esposti.

The resulting research will enable us to learn a lot more about this fast growing industry and provide a great baseline to measure how it changes in coming years.

You can register to be notified by email when the report becomes available, currently scheduled for April 2012.

Finally, we'd like to extend our sincere thanks to each of the platforms who were willing to share some of their valuable time on our survey.


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