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Amanda Palmer on the Art of Asking [Video]
© Image: / TEDtalksDirector

Amanda Palmer on the Art of Asking [Video]

Amanda Palmer’s name is well known in the crowdfunding community, and for good reason. Her Kickstarter campaign raised $1.2 million, making it one of the most successful crowdfunding efforts yet. 

Though Palmer turned to Kickstarter only a year ago, the indie rocker has relied on her fans for donations and help for some time, she announced at a recent TED Talk called ‘The art of asking.’


Starting from her job as a human statue after college, via nights couchsurfing at fans’ apartments, to the Kickstarter campaign and its aftermath, Palmer chronicles her dependency on and faith in the fans. When she found herself in the gratitude of her followers, she reveals, she struggled with the question ‘Is this fair?’ Those who thought the answer was ‘no’ voiced their criticism loudest after Palmer asked fans to play alongside her at a concert for beer, hugs, and thanks, but not money (she later reneged on that decision).

In 'The art of asking,' the musician addresses that contentious episode and offers her take on the artist-fan (or creator-backer) relationship in a hyper-connected world. Given the topic, Palmer needs to create a connection with the viewers for her message to resonate. Whether she does so we’ll leave to our readers to judge for themselves.

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