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An Introduction to Crowdfunding [Infographic]

An Introduction to Crowdfunding [Infographic]

Driven in part by the explosion of vibrant social-networking media, the crowdfunding sensation now stretches to the far reaches of the globe. Fostering creativity, philanthropy, and growth, crowdfunding sites have fundamental social and economic impact, and are altering the allocation of capital.

This great new infographic — commissioned by the crowdfunding site PleaseFund.Us in collaboration with — provides insights into crowdfunding including:

  • Its definition
  • Trends
  • Geographic prevalence
  • Number and location of crowdfunding sites
  • Launch dates
  • Types of crowdfunding models and the evolution of funding ideologies
  • Stimuli and triggers
  • Success stories
  • Crowdfunding and social media

The Infographic was created by – contact: Dorothy Sanders

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 An Introduction to Crowdfunding

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  • Guest Waldo Fonseca Nov 09, 2014 09:35 pm GMT

    Dear srs. I am from Brazil. I am not sure about the integrity of the site "When You Wish" of crowfunding. I am one of the contributers of one of the projects and according to the site, I should have refounded my money because the project didn't reach the goal. But since july/2014 I am trying to have my money back unsuccessfully neither the beneficiary have received that money. Now I am starting contacts in midia, government agencies, investors, and others in order to alert people and maybee have my money back. I am contact you because your site is mentioned in one of the adds/magazines pointed by When You Wish. What else can I do, please ? Thanks

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