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An Introduction to Crowdsourcing [Infographic]

An Introduction to Crowdsourcing [Infographic]

Over the last year and a bit since we launched in October 2010, we've had a lot of fun here at listening to all of you and researching the different types of Crowdsourcing, learning how they work, and what the different things are you can do with crowdsourcing. 

We've found that infographics are a popular way to synthesize and present what we know so far, and it's in that spirit that we present our latest effort below, which tries to answer the question "What is Crowdsourcing and how can you use it?" 

We hope you'll enjoy this quick take on the industry and will share it around to all your friends and colleagues, too. Finally, be sure to keep an eye on, as we'll be taking things to a whole new dimension very soon--more info on that next week.

Thanks to the fine folks at CrowdFlower, Elance, Article One Partners and Top Coder that sponsored this infographic. If you're interested in future such sponsorship opportunities, please contact

Check it out and let us know what you think, both about the infographic and about the question it attempts to answer.

(Click on the Infographic to view it full size)

Intro to Crowdsourcing

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