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BBC Announces iCreate, Internal Idea-Sharing Portal
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BBC Announces iCreate, Internal Idea-Sharing Portal

BBC’s next hit series could come from its mailroom.

Using its internal talent pool, BBC plans to crowdsource the development of future television shows. The production arm of the London-based media giant is about to roll out iCreate, an idea-sharing portal accessible to all BBC Production employees.

BBC has partnered with U.K. startup Wazoku to create the cloud-based portal, which will facilitate “cross-genre thinking” and collaboration across BBC’s offices in London, Bristol, Salford, Cardiff, Belfast, and Glasgow.

“Many organisations talk about increasing innovation and creativity but few have embraced it as whole-heartedly as BBC Production,” said Wazoku founder Simon Hill in a press release announcing BBC iCreate. “This is one of the largest idea management roll-outs in the U.K. media and for Wazoku to win such a major deal with BBC Production is testament both to the product and team we have developed but also to the growing maturity of idea management in the U.K.”

Anyone working for BBC Production, from HR reps to interns, can pitch a show using iCreate. BBC will routinely scan the portal and move the most popular ideas into a more formal development process.

Amazon also turned to the crowd to crowdsource television show concepts, although anyone could submit an idea, not just employees. Amazon Studios released eight crowd-driven pilots for its community to vote on this past April.

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