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Big Names Turn to the Crowd in this Week's Crowdsourcing Roundup

Big Names Turn to the Crowd in this Week's Crowdsourcing Roundup

A historic week for crowdsourcing as President Obama signed legal crowdfunding for equity into law, and there were plenty of new names suddenly jumping on the crowdfunding bandwagon it seemed. Here at, one of the veteran platforms on the global scene, Symbid, became one of the growing number of names to receive accreditation through the CAPS program, and also joins the CAPS council. 

Of course, there was plenty of other big news this week that wasn't about the JOBS Act:

Big tech names turn to the crowd

More of the makers behind some popular smartphone apps are using crowdsourcing to build up their apps.  Google is hoping that "maps enthusiasts" will download its new tools to help it expand its indoor maps, including floor plans of various businesses and other locales. Meanwhile Path, the social network for your closest contacts, is asking its users to pitch in and translate the app into a number of languages. U.S.-based translation platform Smartling is powering the effort.

Looking outside to develop new military vehicles

The U.S. military's futuristic, far-out wing is drafting the crowd into developing new military vehicles. GE Global Research, MIT and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), are looking to create a new crowdsourcing platform they hope will "revolutionize modern-day design and manufacturing." The project will combine ideas involved in Open Innovation and proprietary distributed community-based development. GE says it's one part of a larger effort to create an "Industrial Internet." Hopefully this isn't Skynet (the one from Terminator) we're talking about.

Masdar team wins Tag Challenge

Faculty from the Masdar Institute led the winning team in a U.S. State Department-sponsored competition that tried to use social media to catch a handful of virtual criminals that had perpetrated a made-up jewel heist. The State Department says they gleaned numerous insights from the "TAG Challenge" into tapping the power of social media and will be releasing a full report next month.

In Other news...

A few interesting crowdsourcing business tidbits this week -- The UK's Funding Circle platform for smaller enterprises grabbed $16 million in new investment; Canada's Fundchange announced it raised over $100,000 for community projects in its first year; and French holding company Havas bought a majority stake in Victors and Spoils, an ad agency started in Boulder, Colo. that specializes in crowdsourcing.

Where is the Creativity Mecca?

 And one final story this week that I'd like to dedicate to our UK friends and to Carl Esposti who made the smart move and joined the winning team, as we learn that Brits are falling behind Americans when it comes to creative thinking. The research commissioned by eYeka, found that "only 66% of the British public would consider themselves ‘creative’, compared to nearly 80% of Americans."  

To be fair though, we in the U.S. aren't exactly known for being humble either... probably because we're so awesome.  

But seriously, I'm kidding. Have a happy holiday this weekend if you're celebrating and don't forget to join us Monday for our exciting live chat with the folks who will be helping our new Crowdfunding industry to take shape!

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