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Bring the Wisdom of the Crowds to Your Interviews [Infographic]
© Image: SPARCIN

Bring the Wisdom of the Crowds to Your Interviews [Infographic]

SPARCIN is a interview management software tool created by SPARC. Recently, the company announced that it is adding a crowdsourcing element to its service by opening the platform up to the public and accepting user-submitted content. In order to promote a better understanding of what crowdsourcing is, and why people feel motivated to contribute, SPARCIN put out the following infographic.

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  • Karan B Karan B Feb 21, 2013 12:33 am GMT

    i read the phrase "motivate to contribute" and just wanted to say that money is the only real motivator. You pay thinkers, and they will spend time in thinking to give you useable ideas. The fans/consumers/regular folk on Facebook and elsewhere will give you ideas but the chances of getting a useable idea from them would be fractional compared to that of thinkers (who want money for ideas). Fansourcing will lead to lots of junk-to-sort-through. Ideasourcing (i.e. from regular idea thinkers) is the way to go. But the term Crowdsourcing of course includes both Ideasourcing as well as Fansourcing.

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