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Cloud Labor Platforms Lag Behind Other Crowdsourcing Sites in Social Media Awareness
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Cloud Labor Platforms Lag Behind Other Crowdsourcing Sites in Social Media Awareness

As part of a recent collaboration with KL Communications, examined the five different kinds of crowdsourcing using sentiment analysis. This third report (in a six-article series) aims to determine how the world’s social media users feel about the 15 top Cloud Labor platforms. For a more in-depth description of sentiment analysis and what we discovered about the public’s opinion of crowdsourcing in general, check out the first article in this series, The five crowdsourcing categories ranked: Popularity in social media.

Here’s how we define Cloud Labor: Leveraging of a distributed virtual labor pool, available on-demand to fulfill a range of tasks from simple to complex. Crowdsourcing is used to connect labor demand and supply. Virtual workers perform activities that range from simple to specialized tasks.

Cloud Labor lags behind the four other crowdsourcing categories in terms of social media awareness. The 15 most popular Cloud Labor platforms garnered a mere 168,454 mentions across Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, news sites and consumer reviews during the examined November 1, 2010 to October 31, 2011 timeframe. General discussion of the category’s top 15 sites is infinitesimal compared to conversation about the top Distributed Knowledge, Crowd Creativity or even Crowdfunding platforms. To put that in perspective, Distributed Knowledge sites — Wikipedia, Digg, Reddit and their ilk — are mentioned roughly 53 times more often than the top Cloud Labor platforms. (Find more general category comparisons here.) Wikipedia and Reddit are mainstream discussion topics, whereas Fiverr and Amazon Mechanical Turk appeal to a relatively niche audience.

Absolute Buzz

In terms of Cloud Labor sites’ web presence, simplicity is key. Fiverr, the marketplace where users buy and sell $5 gigs, towers above all other Cloud Labor platforms. With 79,085 mentions, the site accounts for nearly half of all Cloud Labor references. Amazon Mechanical Turk occupies a distant second with 19,473 mentions. Solvate, Trada and vWorker round out the top five, followed by uTest, Gigwalk and ManpowerGroup on the subsequent tier.

Normalized Buzz

Examining normalized buzz for the top 15 Cloud Labor platforms — the rate of growth or decline of mentions, versus an absolute total — Gigwalk vastly outpaces the rest of the pack. Gigwalk, emerging from a private beta period, launched its mobile application on May 4, 2011. Media outlets showered the company with a wave of positive press, which in turn sparked a ton of conversation among social media users.

Other notable movers include ManpowerGroup, which captured the net’s attention twice last year: once after announcing a partnership with the Chinese government, and again after launching a pilot program with Second Chance Employment Services to help battered women re-enter the workforce. Fiverr gained substantial traction as well. Though Fiverr’s growth appears less significant than Gigwalk’s or ManpowerGroup’s, it was much more popular to begin with, making its triple-digit growth rate quite impressive.

Emotional Sentiment

Often, the more popular someone or something is, the more haters it generates. That holds true here. Comments about Fiverr, the most popular Cloud Labor platform of the group, are consistently the most negative of the bunch. Of the 5,044 comments analyzed, 800 (16.7%) carry negative sentiment. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Gigwalk boasts the highest ratio of positive chatter: 268 (97.5%) of 275 comments analyzed are positive in nature.

More To Come

Stay tuned for the next article in this KLC/ collaboration on Thursday, February 2. To read the first two installments in the series, follow the links for an overview of the five crowdsourcing categories and an in-depth look at crowdfunding.

KL Communications is a leader in building and managing proprietary insights communities for a wide range of industries. Their proprietary IC2 community platform incorporates social media, crowdsourcing, as well as traditional research methods, which are aimed at providing partners with the tools and insights to keep them a step ahead of the competition.

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    While we're one of the newer players in the game, CloudSpokes ( should definitely be in the "Cloud Labor Platform" bucket for future reference. In regards to this specific article, we get the vast majority of our active participants through our social media activities and campaigns.

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