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CloudFactory Reboots After SpeakerText Acquisition
© Image: Shutterstock / Lightspring

CloudFactory Reboots After SpeakerText Acquisition

Nepal-based CloudFactory last week launched an enhanced version of its microtasking platform, which the company is calling CloudFactory 2.0.

This past October, CloudFactory acquired video transcription service SpeakerText and “human brainpower API” Humanoid for an undisclosed amount. Both services were backed by Google Ventures, as well as Dave McClure’s 500 Startups, Mitch Kapor and CrowdFlower CEO Lukas Biewald.

“We took the best from both platforms in designing CloudFactory 2.0,” said CloudFactory CEO Mark Sears. “We can now provide our clients with even better accuracy, faster turnaround times and more advanced workflows to automate their business processes.”

CloudFactory breaks up large jobs into microtasks for its workers: data collection, categorization, entry, and processing. Its workers are paid per task completed.


CloudFactory currently employs about 1,000 Nepalese cloud workers who process a million microtasks each week. The company is currently running a pilot program in Kenya, with plans to expand more aggressively in Africa shortly. Sears says CloudFactory is on track to reach 2,000 workers by April and 8,000 by the end of 2013. The long term goal is one million people in developing countries working on CloudFactory tasks by the end of 2017, with the aim to alleviate poverty in those workers’ communities.

“CloudFactory has a social mission to change how the world works,” CloudFactory co-founder Tom Puskarich told “We want to connect the dots between the untapped human potential in developing countries and businesses around the world that need an on-demand workforce.

“We believe in a market-based approach to poverty alleviation and have already seen our first success story in the building of CloudFactory itself,” he continued. “From day one, CloudFactory's innovation and creation has come entirely from the developing country of Nepal, where a group of smart young software engineers were given the opportunity to work on a world class project and ran with it.”

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