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Come Along With Us to Crowdsourcing Week in Singapore

Come Along With Us to Crowdsourcing Week in Singapore

For many months now, I've been watching the preparations for something called "Crowdsourcing Week" take place. And as the event -- it takes place in Singapore June 3 through 7 -- has drawn closer, it has only grown in its scope, ambition and accompanying sense of gravitas.

I've recently spoken with members of the CSW team, including CEO and cofounder Epirot Ludvik Nekaj, and been impressed by the vision we share of crowdsourcing as more than just a smart business process, but a global movement that is nothing short of a revolution for the working world and beyond.

- A Week-long Celebration of Crowdsourcing is Headed to Singapore

So I'm happy to announce that will be collaborating with Crowdsourcing Week in the remaining months leading up to Crowdsourcing Week itself. Along with the event's own website at, will be a companion resource leading up to and during what promises to be a historic gathering in the heart of Asia.

We'll be featuring interviews and podcasts with conference speakers and special attendees in the coming weeks, and previewing some of the more intriguing events on the agenda including the startup competition, 1-day global summits taking place in other parts of the globe before Crowdsourcing Week and more.

We're also planning some special Tweetchats on Twitter, Google+ hangouts and other online events before and during Crowdsourcing Week so the entire crowdsourcing community (and regular curious folks) can still get involved from around the world, even if you can't make the trek to Singapore.

So far, the lineup of speakers for Crowdsourcing Week features a number of names that will already be familiar to our readers, including Local Motors' Jay Rogers, eYeka's Francois Petavy and author Ross Dawson, just to name a few from a list that includes dozens more.

Each day of Crowdsourcing Week will focus on different sectors, ranging from government and healthcare to crowdfunding and tourism. We'll be taking a closer look at that week-long agenda and the transformative influence the crowd is playing in those arenas in the weeks to come here at so you can be up to speed before we get to Singapore in June.

So mark your calendars for June 3 - 7, keep an eye on this space for a taste of what will be on tap in Singapore and ways to get involved, and don't forget to visit for all the details on the event.

 - Eric Mack is Managing Editor for  He has covered business, technology and politics for more than a decade for major outlets including CNET, CBS, AOL, NPR, Wired, and the New York Times.  You can contact him at Find him on Twitter and Google+. Also be sure to follow on Twitter and join our Crowdsourcing community on Google+.

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