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Creative Bounty-Hunting on BountyIt
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Creative Bounty-Hunting on BountyIt

Add another crowdsourcing website to the growing batch. BountyIt, like, is a place where people can access the collective creative skills and wisdom of the crowd to get help with a range of needs--from life questions to domain name choices and slogans, design needs or feedback on a new website - all while maintaining control over the process.

What is BountyIt?

Here's the basic idea: A user posts a need or services they're after, along with the corresponding sum or "bounty" they're willing to pay. The cash goes to which ever user provides the best answer, with funds being released when both parties are in agreement.

Unlike most other crowdsourcing sites, BountyIt has a built-in system for feedback--a user can post the bounty and then distribute the funds according to who they feel gave the best response. So, if someone posts a bounty for $10 asking how they can better manipulate their product or service, and forty people respond, but five of these offer excellent advice, they could give all $10 to the top response, or $2 to each of the top five depending on what they feel is most appropriate.

In its own words, BountyIt was launched as a platform “designed for thinkers and doers alike to come together for feedback, solutions, and services. BountyIt provides the platform for people to compete for money and get constructive feedback as well as services done without being exposed to as much risk.”

Testing the Product

BountyIt officially launched at the beginning of November after a beta trial run in late August. During the beta, the BountyIt Team, consisting of co-founders Cliff Bernstein, 22, and Andrew Rosenau, 27, decided to test out their own product. They placed a Bounty of $100 for ideas on how they could improve BountyIt and the feedback flooded in. They used the suggestions to modify their design and the functionality of some features and created the user interface that is in place today.

BountyIt's interface is clean and basic with no ads to be seen. Registration is quick and easy – just provide an email address, username and password and then click on the link in the confirmation email. It’s possible to get started immediately without having to spend more time on your Profile, though spending some time on creating an informative and interesting profile page is certainly recommended to attract top bounties and the best bounty-hunters.

A few Intrepid bounty-hunters have already setup shop on BountyIt, using the site as a platform. A group of writers is using the website to offer their services to potential buyers and a full web design service is also being offered.

Even though the site is now out of beta, BountyIt still continues to harness the power of its own crowd for its own purposes. Right now anyone can come up with a new slogan for the site and claim a $50 bounty.

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