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CrowdConf2011 – The Industry Event

CrowdConf2011 – The Industry Event

In just over a week from now, approximately six hundred people will be on their way to Mission Bay, San Francisco to attend CrowdConf2011. Amongst the hundreds of attendees will be a formidable line up of speakers, representing many of the crowdsourcing industry's best known companies, business executives and thought leaders.

Last year's inaugural event was memorialized for the team behind as both the first significant event dedicated to the subject of crowdsourcing as well as the day we launched the site. Following last year’s success, CrowdConf2011 has been meticulously orchestrated to provide a platform for many of the leading figures within the crowdsourcing movement and to provide the broadest possible coverage of the application of crowdsourcing within social and commercial enterprises as well as the public sector.

The driving force behind CrowdConf is CrowdFlower, a pioneer of the crowdsourcing industry and a leading provider of crowdsourcing services. Capable of attracting participation across the industry from both providers of crowdsourcing services as well as crowdsourcing's buy-side practitioners, CrowdFlower is uniquely positioned to be the lead sponsor behind what will unquestionably be the top global industry event.

While last year's conference was heavily oriented towards crowdsourcing as a model for delivering work via an on-demand scalable workforce, this year’s agenda has been constructed to distinguish between a number of the leading applications of crowdsourcing. Consistent with’s industry taxonomy, there are sessions focusing on Collective Creativity (a category on the site we have recently renamed Crowd Creativity), Funding (forms of Crowdfunding that include sponsorship, donations and philanthropy) as well as the category we refer to as Cloud Labor.

Sessions have been designed to focus on key industry topics including:

  • Enterprise crowdsourcing 
  • Human computing
  • Distributed labor
  • Quality assurance and metrics
  • Task design
  • Worker motivation and incentives
  • Labor and the law
  • Computer vision
  • Social and economic impacts ?and implications of crowdsourcing
  • Work distribution systems
  • History of crowdsourcing
  • Applications and innovative projects
  • Limitations of crowdsourcing

The founder of, Carl Esposti, will present a plenary session at 10:30 AM, covering’s research in the Enterprise Crowdsourcing space followed by a breakout session from 11:00-11:30 where he will share an approach and framework used by large enterprises to identify and target opportunities for crowdsourcing within an enterprise. 

Win An All Expenses Paid Trip In A Four Ticket Giveaway to CrowdConf2011

We are looking for four new team members to join the growing team – openings exist for up to two people to join our research team and two people to join our editorial team. Write to us and let us know why you want to be part of our team. If we like what you have to say, we will pick up the tab for you to join us at the event.

So, please be sure to make a point of finding us next week at the conference. We look forward to catching up with our friends and making many new ones.?

CrowdConf2011 Speakers

Jason Aiken
Community Director, 99 Designs

Mark Allen
VP - Marketing & Sales, Clickworker

Omar Alonso
Technical Lead at Bing, Microsoft

Fred Benenson
Research & Development, Kickstarter

Lukas Biewald
Founder and Chairman, CrowdFlower

Roy Brackett
Director, Strategic Development, DST Technologies

Leah Busque
Founder & CEO, TaskRabbit

Charlie Cheever
Founder, Quora

Ed Chi
Research Scientist, Google

Sharon Chiarella
Vice President, Amazon Mechanical Turk

Darin Dinsmore
CEO, Crowdbrite

James DiPadua
Senior Program and Product Manager, Servio

Pia Erkinheimo
Nokia: Ideas Project, Nokia

Carl Esposti

Matt Fisher
Director, Liveops

Charlie Festa
Community Manager, Threadless

Michael Gebert
Founder & CEO, Marketing Society

Mark Gerson
Chairman, Gerson Lehrman Group

David Alan Grier
Writer, George Washington University

Thomas Hessler
Founder & CEO, Globumbus

Jeff Howe
Father of Crowdsourcing

Karl Jacob
CEO & Founder, Coveroo

Leila Chirayath Janah
Founder & CEO, Samasource

Matt Johnston
Chief Marketing Officer, uTest

Erica Labovitz
Director of Marketing, IndieGoGo

Chris Larsen
CEO, Prosper

Wendy Lea
CEO, GetSatisfaction

Matt Lease
Assistant Professor, UT Austin

Stephanie Leffler
CEO, CrowdSource

Arpi Mardirossian
Director of Product Development, Tagasauris

Patrick Meier
Director of Crisis Mapping, Ushahidi

Michael Morris
Senior Vice President, TopCoder

Warren Ng
Co-founder & COO, Napkin Labs

Sean O'Connell
CEO, Creative Allies

Steve Ogunro
Managing Director, Capital Mergers & Aquisitions

Linus Olsson
Co-founder, Flattr

Vijay Pande
Associate Professor, Stanford University

Hitendra Patel
Professor of Growth and Innovation at Hult International Business School

Tom Puskarich
VP Business Development, CloudFactory

Geoff Rego
Chief Executive Officer, Leadtip

Niel Robertson
CEO, Trada

Philip Rosedale
Founder, Second Life & LoveMachine

Mark Sears
Founder & CEO, CloudFactory

Mark Schoneveld
Director of Community, Poptent

Ariel Seidman
CEO, Gigwalk

Rob Vandenberg
President & CEO, Lingotek

Gioacchino La Vecchia
Founder and CEO, CrowdEngineering

Sharon Wienbar
Managing Director, Scale Venture Partners

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