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Crowdcube Celebrates its First Birthday with a Data Dessert [Infographic]
© Image: Crowdcube

Crowdcube Celebrates its First Birthday with a Data Dessert [Infographic]

The UK's Crowdcube has been around for a full year now and during those twelve months the Crowdfunding platform has raised over £2.3 million for 11 UK businesses.

We checked in with co-founder and marketing director Luke Lang, and he says the first year exceeded expectations.

"Crowdcube has been very well received by entrepreneurs, investors and the general public. The current economic conditions have created a perfect storm that has catapulted crowdfunding on to the political agenda as people demand more choice and alternative sources of finance."

He says the single biggest barrier for Crowdcube is awareness, but he believes they're in a strong position to build on their early success.

"When people hear about Crowdcube the response is overwhelmingly positive so we are planning to work increasingly hard in 2012 to develop the right partnerships and spread the word that there are alternatives to banks and business angels. Our first year was just the tip of the iceberg – we fully expect to revolutionise early stage seed funding forever."

To celebrate its first anniversarry, Crowdcube skipped the cake and candles and served up a data-driven dessert instead. Check out their infographic below that sums up the numbers behind year number one:

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