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Crowdcube Passes £10M in Crowdfunded Investments [Infographic]
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Crowdcube Passes £10M in Crowdfunded Investments [Infographic]

Crowdcube, the U.K.-based equity crowdfunding platform, announced on Thursday that it has passed £10 million in pounds successfully raised.

The platform launched in 2011, and has funded 59 businesses to date. The raise that pushed Crowdcube over the £10 million was for a company called OVIVO, a mobile virtual network operator. The company was initially looking for £325,000, but ended up raising £418,080 from 110 investors in 60 days.

To commemorate the £10 million mark, Crowdcube put together the insightful infographic below, which shows some of the key statistics around its raises.

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