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Crowdfunding Adventure, Part Two -  Choosing a Crowdfunding Site

Crowdfunding Adventure, Part Two - Choosing a Crowdfunding Site

Editor's Note: Karinna Kittles-Karsten has been keeping a journal of her crowdfunding journey and sharing it with us here on In this second entry, she reveals which crowdfunding platform she's decided on for her campaign to support her web TV series, "Love Around the World." Also be sure to have a look at the first entry in Karinna's crowdfunding diary

Every decision is an important one when you are running a crowdfunding campaign. This is what is coming up for me every single day as I prep for my Love Around the World campaign launch.

And one of the biggest decisions I have had to make is choosing a HOME for my crowdfunding project.

There are truly so many great crowdfunding sites to choose from, some that you have heard of such as Kickstarter, Rockethub and IndieGoGo that attract lots of creative projects, and there are other cool sites such as 33 needs focused on social impact; Peerbackers focused on entrepreneurs; When You Wish, a new site focused on positive impact, mission-related projects; Crowdfunding Live is focused on great women’s projects; Crowdrise started by actor Edward Norton focuses on non-profits.

It's important to research the rules of engagement, such as how long your campaign can be live, what costs and percentages will be a taken by running a campaign with a specific site, and whether or not you get to keep all the funds if you don’t meet your goal. Will you be penalized if you don’t meet your goal? Each site has very different rules that you need to know up front.

Also get to know the team that you would be working with at the crowdfunding sites you are interested in. Ask these kind of interview questions before making a choice:

  • How much will they support your campaign?
  • Will they send out announcements?
  • Will they help with suggestions or edits to your text, rewards and video for your campaign?
  • Can you ask questions along the way?
  • Will they send out press releases?

A great way to research sites is through Through the site directory here, you can learn about and find a site that is a good fit for you.

And I am happy to report that I have chosen a home for my crowdfunding campaign… this is very exciting…..

When You Wish is the site and team that will be hosting and supporting my crowdfunding campaign for Love Around the World!

Watch the video to find out how I made my choice of this cool new crowdfunding site.

Here’s to a successful crowdfunding experience!

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