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Crowdfunding forum looks to lay foundation for more private powerhouses
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Crowdfunding forum looks to lay foundation for more private powerhouses

These are exciting times for the future of crowdfunding — the U.S. Congress is looking at legalizing crowdfunding for equity as similar models are starting to take off in Europe and investors are pouring money into all sorts of crowdsourcing ventures. This fast-moving environment serves as the backdrop for a major event in New York City this Monday, January 23 — The SoHo Loft Capital Creation and Crowdfunding Conference (TSLCCAC). founder Carl Esposti will be one of the many leaders in the industry in attendance at the conference, which organizers NowStreet Media and LDJ Capital describe as "the definitive forum for learning about the rapidly evolving marketplace for private company stock."

The focus of the day will be on introducing the Private Company Marketplace, which the conference organizers are working to build into a sustainable "and functional institutional marketplace that facilitates capital formation, innovation, expansion and job creation."

The conference is also an opportunity to rub shoulders with some major movers in these emerging areas of capital formation, including high net worth investors, CIOs of investors, merchant and investment bankers, fund managers, incubators, analysts, attorneys, select entrepreneurs and secondary stock buyers/specialists.

Among the speakers on the agenda Monday is Rep. Patrick McHenry, the driving force behind HR 2930, one of the crowdfunding bills now moving through Congress. Check out the conference's EventBrite page for full information on attendees, tickets and the full agenda.

For West Coast folks and others who can't make it to New York next week, never fear — another event in the series is planned for Los Angeles on Tuesday, February 28. will be one of the sponsors for this California conference.

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