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Crowdfunding Tip of the Week: Becoming a Thought Leader with

Crowdfunding Tip of the Week: Becoming a Thought Leader with

Editor’s Note: Thinking about starting a crowdfunding campaign but don’t know where to begin? Check out the tip below from Rose Spinelli, a crowdfunding campaign consultant who runs The Crowdfundamentals. This is the latest in a series of tips, suggestions, and best practices Spinelli is writing exclusively for; you can find previous tips here. If you have any suggestions of your own, feel free to post them in the comments below!

The importance of getting press for your campaign is a hot topic in crowdfunding circles. By now you’ve read the blog posts and listened to the webinars. The message is always the same: you must get media attention if you expect your crowdfunding campaign to have success.

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The idea is to establish yourself as expert, a thought leader in advance of launching your campaign. This way you’re not just one of many newbies begging for bucks; you’re someone who knows your topic inside out and can be trusted to use our money wisely.

No doubt the advice is sound. But I have witnessed how it leaves a lot of you wringing your hands, daunted by the task, especially if you’re not a particularly strong writer or don’t relish the idea of jumping into the deep end of PR pool.

What to do?! This terrific free tool allows anyone to create and distribute curated content on your topic of choice in a beautifully packaged “magazine.” Now you no longer have to wait for people to write about you — you can become your own online publisher.

The content feeds into your social channels, which furthers engagement and therefore extends your reach. You can even become the curator of your own newsletters, making it easier to be indexed and found by search engines. And if you do generate original content on Wordpress, it’s easy to post your own “scoops” directly from your blog.

You’ll find the directions are simple and easy to follow. So now there’s no excuse not to be heard!

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