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Crowdfunding Tip of the Week: Kickstarter's Pre-Launch Preview Function
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Crowdfunding Tip of the Week: Kickstarter's Pre-Launch Preview Function

Editor’s Note: Thinking about starting a crowdfunding campaign but don’t know where to begin? Check out the tip below from Rose Spinelli, a crowdfunding campaign consultant who runs The Crowdfundamentals. This is the first post in a series of tips, suggestions, and best practices Spinelli will be writing exclusively for If you have any suggestions of your own, feel free to post them in the comments below!

Here’s a tip for the Kickstarter crowd that puts the sourcing back into your funding project.

After much user demand, the platform’s creators have implemented a way to solicit pre-launch feedback from your trusted 3 Fs (fans, friends, and family) before going live.

Using the preview feature makes sense. This is, after all, when you’re most in your head, your brain addled with questions about how your campaign will perceived by the crowd, way too close to it to think objectively.

Here's how the new feature (pictured right) works:

Generating a preview link is as easy as clicking on the blue prominently displayed “Get Feedback” button. A link will be generated and you can send it to as many people as you like. If privacy is a big concern, the operative word here is trust – keep it among your closest fans. If it’s not an issue, you can post it on your social media networks to crowdsource your way to crowdfunding success.

Currently, you’ll be alerted to feedback via email or push notifications on your iOS app (Android users don’t have the app, yet).

Now you can be poised to click that “Go Live” button with a little bit less of a tremble in your trigger finger.

Check back next week for the next crowdfunding tip from Rose Spinelli, right here on

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