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Crowdfunding You Can Taste with FoodStart: From the Crowd
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Crowdfunding You Can Taste with FoodStart: From the Crowd

With the success of big name crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, smaller, more niche sites have begun to see success as well.

Entrepreneur Alex Sheshunoff did some research and looked into which verticals made the most sense for a new crowdfunding site, settled on the food and beverage sector and launched FoodStart, which is now in beta.

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Sheshunoff's research told him that people were literally hungry to crowdfund projects that they could have a real-world connection with, bridging their digital and physical lives. Taking a page from the popularity of things like Groupon that do just that, FoodStart seeks to help food trucks, fine dining establishments and everything in between to connect with their customers and secure capital at the same time.

But FoodStart offers more services than most crowdfunding platforms. I spoke with Sheshunoff about FoodStart and what it has to offer food fans of all sorts in the latest installment of the From the Crowd podcast. Listen or download the mp3 below:

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Disclosure: FoodStart is a client of / massolution.

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