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Crowdsourced Commercials at the Super Bowl [Videos]

Crowdsourced Commercials at the Super Bowl [Videos]

Over the last few months, we’ve written a lot about crowdsourced ads at the Super Bowl. Now, with the game officially in the books, let’s take a look at the commercials that tapped into the power of the crowd during the big game.


Pepsi and Beyonce teamed up and asked fans to submit pictures of themselves in various poses, which led to the following halftime show introduction.


Doritos has been crowdsourcing Super Bowl ads for several years now, and its no surprise it decided to do so again. Fans both created and voted on the best ads, picking these two winners. 


Lincoln’s Steer The Script campaign asked fans to tweet, among other things, memorable road trip moments. The commercial below was inspired by some of the best ones.

Pizza Hut

The pizza chain asked fans to submit videos of themselves yelling “Hut, hut!” while playing football. Eighteen user-submitted videos were selected to make up the ad below.

Dunder Mifflin

Our readers from Scranton, Pennsylvania (the location for NBC’s comedy The Office) probably saw this goofy fan-made ad. But for everyone living outside Scranton, here it is.


While these “Mirage” ads weren’t made by fans, Coca-Cola did let fans decide who would win the desert race for a bottle of Coke. The first video sets up the race, and you can see who wins in second one.

Which one was your favorite? And how do these crowdsourced ads stack up to the competition? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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