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Crowdsourced Photo Marketplace ImageBrief Raises $700,000

Crowdsourced Photo Marketplace ImageBrief Raises $700,000

ImageBrief, a crowdsourced marketplace that connects photographers with potential buyers, announced a $700,000 funding round yesterday.


Adrian MacKenzie, former executive at CVC Asia Pacific, Betfair chairman Anthony Klok, and Square Peg Ventures participated in the financing. Overall, the company, which got its start in Sydney and has since moved its headquarters to New York, has raised $2.2 million.

ImageBrief differs from traditional crowdsourced stock image marketplaces like iStockphoto and Shutterstock. Instead of searching for keywords, customers fill out a brief using “natural language” – in other words, they type in exactly what they’re looking for instead of a bunch of keywords (see image to the right). This is meant to improve the images' quality and ensure that each photo better fits the customers' demands. Customers can also specify things like format, creative art direction, budget range, and turnaround time.

Photographers who see the brief can submit photos they’ve already uploaded to ImageBrief, or search through their hard drives to find the perfect match. They can also go out and shoot new photos just for a particular brief; throughout the process, interaction between photographers and customers is encouraged.

ImageBrief aims to put photographers at the forefront: all have profiles that a customer can follow, and they retain 70 percent of the money their images generate. So far, chairman Anthony Pascoe said, photographers have fulfilled over 1500 briefs for customers like Random House, Harper Collins, and M&C Saatchi, among many others.

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