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Crowdsourced Video Creation: Poptent to invest $1m in Brazil

The discrete landing of PopTent in Brazil last month was an indication of a long-term strategy to conquer the large South American market. From the clear and simple room located at the elegant area of Jardins, Sao Paulo, the two co-managing directors of PopTent Brazil, John deTar and Peter Lau, are planning investments in the region of $ 1 million over the next six months. A considerable amount for a company specializing in crowdsourced video production company, even for one whose client list boasts a string of Fortune 500 brands and top agencies. Poptent specialize in producing commercials and other video assets through a social network of more than 35,000 videographers in over 120 countries.

The decision to set-up shop in Brazil was a made in 2010, over a bottle of beer, during a meeting of Poptent’s board and has been almost one year in the planning. It’s not that Poptent takes big decisions lightly, in fact, the beer memorialized the fact that Poptent had enjoyed success with one of it’s large clients, Anheuser-Busch InBev, the leading global brewer well known for its popular American brand, Budweiser. After the huge success of the Dude campaign in United States, they decided to test the model in Brazil, where AB InBev owns the brand Skol, the leading beer in the Brazilian market and the world's third-best selling brand. This was the force behind the creation of Poptent Brazil.

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Flavio GutAug 02, 2011 12:19 am GMT7404 views