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Crowdsourcing for the Fortune 500 - Genpact at CrowdConf 2012
© Image: Shutterstock

Crowdsourcing for the Fortune 500 - Genpact at CrowdConf 2012

Last week at CrowdConf 2012, I spoke with Subroto Gupta, Vice President of Corporate Initiatives at Genpact, a global leader in business process management and technology services. He gave a brief overview of how Genpact was originally set-up by General Electric just over ten years ago and has since evolved to be a leading, independent provider to many Fortune 500 companies.

Genpact has achieved a leading position in its field by continuing to advance its model for service delivery and by implementing frameworks and methods that dramatically improve enterprise performance and lower operational costs.

Earlier this year Genpact launched new initiatives to explore the potential impact of crowdsourcing in a large enterprise setting. Genpact's belief is that enterprise crowdsourcing solutions have the potential to deliver the next significant improvement in cost and the performance of business processes.

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