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Crowdsourcing the Legislative Process in the Philippines [Infographic]
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Crowdsourcing the Legislative Process in the Philippines [Infographic]

Crowdsourcing has many applications, from generating new and innovative ideas for enterprises to funding passion projects and startups. One area where engaging the crowd may also have a big effect is governance.

While there have been a few initiatives aiming to give the people access to the legislative process (see related stories below), none have truly been able to empower the people in a direct way.

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One of the strongest proponents of crowdsourcing legislation is Filipino Senator Teofisto “TG” Guingona. He proposed the ‘Crowdsourcing Act’ last year, and has recently re-filed the Act.

Earlier today, the Senator launched a site to explain the act’s goals and principles and soliciit comments on the proposed legislation. He also delivered a speech urging his fellow lawmakers to pass the act.

“Mr. President, the intent of the proposed law is NOT so much to compel our countrymen to unleash the power of their collective voice through the use of information technology. No, doing that comes naturally to the Filipino,” Guingona said. “Rather, the intent of the proposed law is to compel us - the drivers of the legislative processes - to ensure that we listen to that voice and that we listen well.”

Guingona’s site includes an infographic that explains how the Crowdsourcing Act would affect lawmaking – we feature it below. For the latest updates on the Act, follow the social media-savvy Senator on Twitter @TgGuingona


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