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Crowdsourcing Your Groceries
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Crowdsourcing Your Groceries

SuperBrugsen, a Danish cooperative grocery store chain, is running a campaign to crowdsource the items on its shelves.

The supermarket is asking its customers to suggest locally made products that it should carry by filling out an online form or speaking with managers in-store.


The form asks users to explain why they want to see the product on the shelves, as well as information about the company selling it. SuperBrugsen staff will taste-test products to ensure they are delectable enough to feature in the stores. The chain hopes to add 500 new local products to its 230 stores, according to Springwise.

If successful, the initiative can reduce the chain’s carbon footprint by reducing shipping time; it can also help to foster stronger local economies by offering farmers and food artisans an outlet for their products.

Though we haven’t seen supermarkets engage in too many crowdsourcing campaigns, the two seem to be a good fit. Crowdsourcing is all about creating a stronger connection with consumers and gauging market demand – something any grocery store can use more of.

Past crowdsourcing initiatives by supermarkets include Walmart’s ‘Get on the Shelf’ campaign, which resulted in three new products being added to the superstore’s roster. And back in 2011, Waitrose, a U.K.-based chain, asked customers to send in ideas for new products. The winning idea was a dessert named “Seriously Chocolatey Rose-Infused Chocolate Ganache,” which does, indeed, sound delicious.

Let's see if these companies' successes can encourage more stores to follow suit.

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