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Double Fine Adds Gay Marriage to Upcoming Game, Thanks to Kickstarter
© Image: (logo: Double Fine)

Double Fine Adds Gay Marriage to Upcoming Game, Thanks to Kickstarter

In Double Fine’s upcoming video game, Massive Chalice, you’ll control an immortal king or queen, ruling your realm and its inhabitants over the course of generations. Sometimes, that means forging marriages to benefit the kingdom and spawn new heroes.

Thanks to Kickstarter, if you want to couple up two fellas or ladies, that’ll be possible, too.

Project lead Brad Muir (pictured right) said he hadn’t even considered including same-sex marriage until the Double Fine team launched its crowdfunding campaign and received a slew of questions and suggestions about the topic.

“That was something I got kinda blindsided by,” Muir told games blog Rock Paper Shotgun. “That was really unfortunate. It kinda makes me feel shitty that it’s not something I’d thought of. I think it’s sort of hetero privilege that I didn’t see it coming.”

But thanks to fan feedback, Muir rectified his oversight and guarantees Massive Chalice will feature gay couples.

“We’ve been talking about ways to actually incorporate gay marriage,” Muir continued. “One of the suggestions was to allow couples — male, female, or otherwise — to contribute to the good of the realm via means other than childbirth. So couples could raise children or research technology. That’s one interesting way to handle it.

“And it’s optional,” he added. “People can choose to engage it or not.”

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The Kickstarter community has readily embraced Double Fine’s new project, with more than 22,000 backers contributing to the campaign. Massive Chalice is on track to become Double Fine’s second million-dollar Kickstarter, following last year’s hugely successful Double Fine Adventure campaign.

San Francisco-based Double Fine is one of the most prominent game development studios to abandon more traditional forms of financing in favor of crowdfunding. Remaining independent is critical to the team, as it allows for complete creative control. If a large publisher funded Massive Chalice instead of Double Fine’s fans, it’s unlikely the game would feature gay marriage because it remains a controversial issue.

And that, as Muir says, would “be super, super shitty.”

Massive Chalice is expected to launch late next year for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Kickstarter pitch video is available below for your viewing pleasure.

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