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Double Fine's Final Kickstarter Tally - $3.34 Million
© Image: Double Fine

Double Fine's Final Kickstarter Tally - $3.34 Million

Game developer Double Fine first made news last month by literally raising nearly a million dollars overnight, now the final tally for the company's Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund a new point-and-click adventure game is in and it's astounding -- $3.34 million dollars.

That figure exceeds the original goal of raising $400,000 by almost nine-fold and sets a new Kickstarter record, raising more than double the amount taken in by the next most-funded project.  

Only by the end of the campaign did the Double Fine folks seem to finally grasp their own popularity that drove fans to so exceed their initial expectations. In the team's final update on the project page, they plead with fans not to constantly update the page but to instead tune into a uStream created specifically for the celebration as the campaign wound down to its final moments.

Naturally, Double Fine's instant crowdfunding success has attracted the attention of both the crowdsourcing and the mainstream business world. In fact, any day we expect to see the launch of Gambitious, a new platform specifically for game developers and built on Symbid's crowdfunding for equity model in the EU.

Check out my and Eric Blattberg's conversation with Paul Hanraets of Gambitious in our latest "From the Crowd" podcast where we speak about the Double Fine phenomenon and the future of crowdfunding and games. 

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