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Exploring ASSOB: A $130 Million Crowdfunding Model that Works
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Exploring ASSOB: A $130 Million Crowdfunding Model that Works

Editor's Note: The following comes to us from Jonathan Sandlund, crowdfunding evangelist and founder of and Check out the original (which has some expanded thoughts and notes from the interview) on Sandlund's site, TheCrowdCafe, and make sure to follow him on Twitter @jsandlund.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Niederer, CEO of the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB), the world’s largest equity crowdfunding platform. Paul and I walked through a crowdfunding lifecycle on ASSOB from cradle to grave, from the perspective of both the business and the investor. ASSOB is an equity crowdfunding platform that has successfully served both accredited and non-accredited investors since 2007, raising $130,409,669 since inception. 132 companies funded to date, 83% of which are still in operation, and not a single case of fraud. The absence of fraud is not by chance – it’s by design, strengthened by the natural self-regulating mechanisms of a large and diverse Crowd. A deeply qualified and experienced team at ASSOB has architected a system that shepherds businesses through the crowdfunding journey, compliantly and knowledgeably from beginning to end. Check out the interview below, and for some expanded thoughts and notes on the conversation, make sure to read the original post on my site, The Crowd Cafe.

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