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FilmFunds Crowdsources 2D to 3D Conversion Decisions
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FilmFunds Crowdsources 2D to 3D Conversion Decisions

FilmFunds, a Los Angeles-based film networking website that uses crowdsourcing methods to promote “the blockbusters of tomorrow,” plans to tap into the collective acumen of its crowd to determine what 2D films to convert into 3D.

Earlier this week, FilmFunds announced its acquisition of post-production company Duran Duboi U.S. and placed a bid on the bankrupt Duran Duboi France. Instead of relying on expert opinion or market research to pitch Duran Doboi’s potential 3D conversions to various studios and content companies like Netflix, FilmFunds will employ crowdsourcing methods in an effort to guarantee those 3D films would have a sizable audience.

“From the content owners' side, it's a nice way to gauge what the market wants,” Carl Freer, co-founder and chairman of FilmFunds, told entertainment blog TheWrap. “[We are] taking off a bit of the risk in the decision-making.”

Launched yesterday, FilmFund’s 3D section has yet to gain significant traction: as of writing, campy British action film Hot Fuzz and Disney adventure romp Pirates of the Caribbean top the charts with just two votes each. With post-production house Duran Duboi fueling the new project, however — not to mention the promise of enticing rewards like a Fiat 500C or a Vespa Scooter — the platform definitely has promise.

Duran Duboi converts 2D films to 3D using its patented LiveFlix technology, most recently used for the 3D conversion of Lionsgate’s Conan the Barbarian.

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