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Ford, Jimmy Fallon Crowdsourcing Super Bowl Ad
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Ford, Jimmy Fallon Crowdsourcing Super Bowl Ad

Ford recently announced a partnership with talk show host Jimmy Fallon to crowdsource a Super Bowl ad for its 90 year-old Lincoln brand.

Steer the Script, as the initiative is called, kicked off earlier today. In a launch video for the campaign, Fallon asked his 7.1 million Twitter followers to send tweets about their driving experience and what they want to see in the ad (with the #SteertheScript hashtag, of course).

Fallon will then “curate” the tweets and, using his favorites as inspiration, produce a script for a Super Bowl commercial featuring the Lincoln MKZ. The campaign will run for two more days, so those interested in tweeting their suggestions to Fallon should act soon.

With Steer the Script, Ford is trying to inject some energy into a brand whose average customer is 65 years old. Ford plans to introduce seven new Lincoln models by 2015, with hopes of luring younger, more affluent buyers. Fallon’s followers, Ford thinks, fit that demographic.

“We’re going to put a different twist on it and approach it in a very social way,” Lincoln’s marketing director Matt VanDyke told Bloomberg.

So far, the response has been largely positive, with most people tweeting genuine suggestions. Calls to co-opt the campaign, however, have already sounded — it wouldn’t be the first time a mischievous crowd hijacked such an open initiative.

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