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editorial Grows Again, Moves Deeper Into U.S. with vWorker Deal

Australia's continued its expansion today with the announcement that it has acquired US-based vWorker (formerly

Already the largest marketplace of freelancers in the world, also gobbled up Canada's ScriptLance earlier this year. While that earlier acquisition added over 350,000 freelancers to the site's ranks, the vWorker deal is significantly larger, involving a globe-spanning pool of over 2.5 million professionals, according to figures provided by

The deal increases's user base by over 50 percent, and brings total membership to over 6.6 million users.

While originally focused on programming and IT work, vWorker grew to also encompass other fields popular in the crowdsourcing world, including graphic design and writing.

As crowdsourcing matures, the number of competitors in the field is beginning to shrink more quickly of late, and has become the great white shark of the cloud labor sector, speaking in broad terms. The Aussie outfit and the companies that have been rolled into it have been around in one form or another since 2001, with 2.6 million projects worth over $650 million posted since 2004. has been aggressively consolidating the space since 2009, and acquiring Florida- based vWorker puts it more directly in competition with oDesk, which has a strong crowd of U.S.-based workers and often boasts that its contractors earn the highest rates in the industry., by contrast, has a strong crowd of workers based in developing countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, and claims that the average cost to a business to source a job through its platform is just $200.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the (admittedly vague) rumor is that it can be counted in the millions of dollars.

You can watch a video message about the acquisition from vWorker's Ian Ippolito below:

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