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GeniusRocket and DVI Turn Up the Bass for Entrancing Audio-Technica Ad [VIDEO]
© Image: Screenshot by Eric Blattberg /

GeniusRocket and DVI Turn Up the Bass for Entrancing Audio-Technica Ad [VIDEO]

GeniusRocket, the company that pioneered the “curated crowdsourcing” production model, recently paired audio electronics manufacturer Audio-Techinca with video production studio The DVI Group to produce a bass-heavy advertisement featuring dance sensation Marquese Scott.

“Crowdsourcing doesn't need to be amateurs actors,” noted Peter LaMotte, president of GeniusRocket. “The curated model allows for quality talent, and you still don't need to break the budget.”

In the nearly four-minute spot entitled “Audio 911,” a team of doctors revives an unconscious Scott using some interesting “instruments,” including a pair of Audio-Technica's Solid Bass headphones. Upon awakening, Scott proceeds to showcase his inimitable dubstep dance skills — it’s quite a sight to behold. Check it out below.

“It was completely unexpected that the production company, The DVI Group, not only came up with a creative idea, but they also found the perfect talent for it,” said Crystal Griffith, Audio-Techinca’s consumer marketing manager. “Getting a YouTube sensation and phenomenal dancer like Marquese Scott to appear in our video never crossed our minds — this is something we would have never been able to come up with on our own.”

The DVI Group initially harbored some doubts about crowdsourcing. “When GeniusRocket came to DVI, we were not familiar with ‘crowdsourcing’ as anything to take seriously,” said Suzanne Kosak, a partner at The DVI Group. “I saw it as an opportunity for very small companies and artists, both with low budgets, to potentially score a production that had a 50/50 shot of being disastrous.

“But to my pleasant surprise GeniusRocket was working with some pretty significant brands and brands that I was not going to have the opportunity to pitch DVI,” Kosak continued. “Also, they offer the option of pitching through them to the client and they define the scope of the project and what the budget is so working with GeniusRocket was really a no brainer.”

To learn more about GeniusRocket and its curated crowdsourcing model, check out our extensive feature GeniusRocket’s Curated Crowdsourcing: The Rise of the Intelligent Intermediary.

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