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Goodbye Promise: Most Unique Crowdfunding Campaigns of 2012
© Image: / filmcourage

Goodbye Promise: Most Unique Crowdfunding Campaigns of 2012

Editor’s Note: Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at some of the most successful, innovative, and unique crowdfunding campaigns of 2012. Last week’s category was “Most Funded,” and you can check out our recap with the year’s top five grossing campaigns here. This week’s category is "Most Unique" campaigns, and we kick off the series with a look at Goodbye Promise. The projects featured this week were chosen in a much more subjective manner than last week (which we selected by amount of money raised), so feel free to leave your own suggestions and links to favorite unique campaigns in the comments!

When it comes to crowdfunding movies, Karen Worden and David Branin of Film Courage are no slouches. They crowdfunded their feature film Goodbye Promise back in spring of 2010 and run a filmmaking blog that contains useful tips for those looking to raise money from the crowd.

Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that Worden and Branin came up with one of the most unique and innovative campaigns of the year when they decided to crowdfund the release of Goodbye Promise, turning Indiegogo into a virtual RedBox, as our Eric Mack described the duo's initiative.

The campaign was simple: Worden and Branin set up a flexible funding campaign on Indiegogo with a largely symbolic million-dollar goal. They then asked backers to pitch in as little as one dollar to get a link to the movie’s unlisted YouTube page. By the end of the campaign, Worden and Branin were able to raise over three thousand dollars through Indiegogo. (The honor system was in full effect with nothing preventing backers from sharing the link with friends for free, meaning more people probably watched the movie than the 410 backers indicate.)

Crowdfunding a film's production is nothing new, of course, but crowdfunding its release is quite novel. Worden and Branin listed 14 reasons for their decision to skip the middleman and release their film directly to the audience. Among the most compelling reasons are audience engagement and low cost.

For more about Goodbye Promises, check out the film’s trailer below:

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