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High-capital Crowdfund Investing Hits France: A Brief Talk with Anaxago
© Image: flickr / zillaphoto

High-capital Crowdfund Investing Hits France: A Brief Talk with Anaxago

Anaxago is a crowdfund investing platform based in Paris, France. Launched January 2012 by six financial professionals, the equity-based site helps finance business projects between 350,000 to two million euros. spoke very briefly with Anaxago Founder Joachim Dupont to discuss the recently-launched crowdfunding portal. Tell us a bit about the conceptualization and launch of Anaxago.

Joachim Dupont: We envisioned Anaxagowhile we were all working in the banking industry. First, I realized that the equity gap affecting young and innovative companies in their bootstrapping phase was worsening. Since banking requirements were becoming more and more exacting, none of us were able to contract a bank loan. At the same time, crowdfunding was spreading to new sectors, from philanthropy and arts to sciences and companies' equity.

François, the company’s first associate, and I then decided to launch a new kind of equity-based crowdfunding platform among the French scene. The primary goal of the platform is to be an exchange place for entrepreneurs and investors who want to share their money — as well as their personal and professional skills — to make young and innovative projects grow.

How do you fulfill a unique position in the crowdfunding space?

Joachim Dupont: Anaxago offers to young companies to find a certain amount of money necessary to their growth and development. Crowdfunding platforms usually offer to fund projects until 100K€, whereas Anaxago aims to help finance projects from around 350,000 to two million euros. Moreover, Anaxago aims to create a new kind of investment and intends making the business angel role model more accessible to private investors. By investing money through Anaxago and its companies, investors become active players in their investments.

Tell us about Anaxago's journey so far, as well as where you envision Anaxago after a few years.

Joachim Dupont: We started from nothing and built every part of Anaxago step by step. We first developed the beta version of the website along with looking for innovative and young companies to fund. In the meantime we started to do an online communication campaign on crowdfunding specialized websites, blogs, Facebook and LinkedIn groups. We then spent a lot of time evaluating and analyzing the companies chosen to take the best of them in order to present an exclusive selection of promising projects to investors. We now hope to raise funds for at least two companies from now to the end of August. In the long-term, we truly hope to make equity-based crowdfunding a widely used tool by young companies and private investors. Anaxago can lead to a dramatically important change of the traditional financial world.

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