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How Crowdfunding Fights Fraud -- In Depth With Ellenoff
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How Crowdfunding Fights Fraud -- In Depth With Ellenoff

In this latest of a special series of conversations with Douglas Ellenoff -- one of our contributing experts on the JOBS Act and the future of crowdfunding for equity in the US and elsewhere -- we tackle the much-debated issue of the potential for fraud in a new crowdfunding industry.

- Crowdfunding Fraud and More in the Crowded Room
- The First Crowdfunding Scammer

Ellenoff is a partner at the firm Ellenoff, Grossman and Schole that often helps us parse all the chatter about the nascent crowdfunding industry.  You can listen or download the episode below, and also listen to the previous installment of "In Depth with Ellenoff" and catch him at a Silicon Valley crowdfund event to mark the JOBS Act's 1-year anniversary.

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