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How to Test Your Crowdfunding Campaign Before Launch

How to Test Your Crowdfunding Campaign Before Launch

Editor's Note: In the latest installment of her crowdfunding campaign journal, Karinna Kittles-Karsten talks about testing the waters before launching her campaign by reaching out to friends and family. To check out past entries in Karinna's journal, you can find them all here.

This week what I have learned is this is the time when you begin to see if everything you have done to prepare is going to get responses.

You reach out to family and friends and you let them know what you are doing before the launch. And ask "can you support me in this?"

It can be eye-opening to learn how long it will take to get responses from your friends and family and who can and will step up and really support your effort. It is time for the dreaming to become real.

It is an incubation process and it is helping to fine tune the processes so that when you do go live, you are ready with enthusiasm and also with real insights and strategies based on real testing to get the best response.

Watch my video below for details. Here's wishing you a successful crowdfunding adventure.

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