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Humans of New York Meets Crowdfunding Campaign Goal in 15 Minutes
© Image: Humans of New York

Humans of New York Meets Crowdfunding Campaign Goal in 15 Minutes

Brandon Stanton, the photographer who runs the wildly popular Humans of New York blog, is officially a crowdfunding phenom.

Last year, Stanton partnered with Tumblr to raise money for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Their joint Indiegogo campaign generated more than $300,000 for the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, which provided resources and aid to those hardest hit by the storm.

This February, the photographer returned to the crowdfunding platform to help send kids to YMCA summer camp. That campaign raised more than $100,000.

And yesterday, Stanton launched his third Indiegogo campaign: Let’s Send Rumi on a Wild West Adventure. It hit its $7,000 campaign goal in a shockingly fast 15 minutes.

The Story

As Stanton walked through Washington Square Park yesterday, he came across a small boy and his mother selling “cowboy supplies.” He stopped to take a portrait and talk to the pair.

Rumi, six years old, loves horses. He desperately wants to own one — thus the afternoon’s entrepreneurial activities. But the one dollar he’d raised so far probably wasn’t going to cut it.

Stanton decided to do something nice for Rumi, who very possibly will never own a horse in his life (they’re incredibly expensive). He told the story in a photo caption and linked to an Indiegogo campaign. The photographer had already thrown in $300 of the $7,000 needed to send Rumi and his family on a week-long adventure to Drowsy Water Ranch, an idyllic western resort in Colorado.

Within seconds, donations came pouring in: $1,000 by the five minute mark, the entire $7,000 just ten minutes later.

“Entire amount was raised in 15 minutes,” wrote Stanton in a Facebook comment. “Enough to mist the eyes of even the most trail-hardened cowboys. Thanks, everyone.”

The campaign has raised $30,000 so far, with all excess funds going to Equestria, a New York-based organization that provides riding lessons to children with disabilities.

“This organization does tons of good, and holds a special place in the hearts of Rumi and his parents,” said Stanton on the Indiegogo page.

The Facebook post with Rumi’s picture has garnered more than 41,000 likes and over 5,600 shares on the social network — a testament to the power of a good story and the generosity of the crowd.

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