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Indiegogo Campaign for Pakistani Teen Malala Yousufzai Exceeds Goal
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Indiegogo Campaign for Pakistani Teen Malala Yousufzai Exceeds Goal

The shooting of Malala Yousufzai, a 15 year-old activist who has been fighting for girls’ education and exposing Taliban atrocities in northern Pakistan, shook the world with its unchecked brutality.

Two weeks ago, a Taliban gunman walked onto a school bus and shot three girls – Malala and two schoolmates. Despite being shot in the head and the neck, Malala survived and was taken to a hospital in London (the schoolmates also survived the attack). She has made progress in her recovery, but her life is still in danger. 

An outpouring of worldwide support followed the craven act of violence, which also prompted much introspection in Malala's home country. To help her family pay for hospital bills, a group of individuals with “deep personal and public ties" to the family decided to start a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo titled ‘Malala Yousufzai Family Fund.’

Earlier today, the campaign passed its $25,000 goal. At the time of this writing, 500 funders pledged over $33,000, with two and a half months still left in the campaign. The goal of the initiative, the campaign page indicates, is to donate the funds to Malala’s family to pay for her healthcare and education costs. Any leftover money the family may choose to donate to non-profits that promote women’s education in Pakistan.

“We fear that the world's attention to her story may fade over time,” the campaign page states. “So the purpose of this fund is to leverage support for the family during this urgent time while the world is captivated by her story. We fear that if her story fades over time, the family could be left, years or decades later, with a strained future.”

Several individuals with ties to Malala started the campaign – family friends, colleagues of journalists who covered her and her father’s activism in the past, as well as a few others concerned with Malala’s well being.

We’ve reached out to the campaign’s creators to find out more, and we will be sure to update our readers with their comments.

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