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Indiegogo Improves International Offerings
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Indiegogo Improves International Offerings

Indiegogo, which positions itself as a global crowdfunding platform, today announced it is expanding its international offerings in three ways: by adding new currencies, languages, and “localized search and discovery experiences.”

First, the currencies: as of today, Indiegogo offers support for euros, pounds sterling, and Canadian dollars in addition to U.S. dollars, which it has allowed since it launched in 2008. This is meant to “give campaigners more bang for their buck/euro/pound/dollar” by doing away with (some of the more common) currency conversions. 

The company is also rolling out support for French and German versions of the site, as well as customer service in those two languages. (Incidentally, fluent speakers of both languages can apply to intern in the company’s customer service department.)

In early 2013, Indiegogo plans to add “localized versions of the homepage and search and discovery experiences for British, French, German and Canadian users.” These country-specific versions of the site will highlight local campaigns, a positive for non-U.S. based entrepreneurs and investors looking to support homegrown ventures.

“We remain committed to localizing our international platform to empower campaign owners for success and give funders a satisfying discovery experience,” said Indiegogo cofounder Danae Ringelmann. “We’ve laid a great foundation to continue global growth in the months ahead.”

This isn’t the first time Indiegogo has made inroads into the European crowdfunding market. Most significantly, its partnership with Google and Stiftung Entrepreneurship resulted in the Gründer-Garage, a German-language version of Indiegogo that exclusively features projects from Google- and Stiftung-supported entrepreneurs. (We discussed a Gründer-Garage campaign, Terms of Service – Didn’t Read, on the fifth installment of the Crowded Room podcast.)

With more crowdfunding and crowdsourcing companies launching country-specific services, Indiegogo bolstering its claim to global crowdfunding doesn’t come as much of a surprise. As with Kickstarter’s launch in the U.K., we will continue to track how the heavyweight’s expansion affects the crowdfunding ecosystem in foreign countries.

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