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Indiegogo Introduces New Campaign Management Features
© Image: Background | Shutterstock / Kostsov

Indiegogo Introduces New Campaign Management Features

Indiegogo, one of the leading crowdfunding platforms, yesterday unveiled new campaign tracking, management, and fulfillment tools. 

The newly released enhancements include a new campaign dashboard, better funding data, Google Analytics integration, a “Featured Perk” tool, and more.

The revamped backend tools should help campaigners make better decisions about the best marketing channels to promote their campaigns, find out who is pushing the most traffic to the campaign, and determine the best days times to promote their projects.

Indiegogo also released some interesting statistics around the campaigns on its site:

  • Campaigns that post at least three updates raise approximately 239% more than those that post two or fewer updates
  • Campaigns run by teams (more than one person) raise approximately 94% more than those that are operated by a single person
  • $25 perks are the most popular
  • Campaigns with videos raise approximately 115% more than those without videos
  • 45 days is the optimal campaign length

Indiegogo isn’t the only big crowdfunding platform making improvements to its backend tool suite — Kickstarter made a similar upgrade earlier this year. There are a number of third-party crowdfunding campaign management tools popping up, and the two leading platforms are keeping up with these companies' offerings. 

Indiegogo released a chart showing some of the campaign stats that project managers will be able to see, which we are sharing below.

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