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Introducing the 2013CF Crowdfunding Market Analysis and Outlook Reports

Introducing the 2013CF Crowdfunding Market Analysis and Outlook Reports

Editor's Note: We continue our look at the leading industry research and advisory work that our sister organization Massolution is engaged in. For more information on Massolution and its industry research, go to; for services, visit

Earlier today, Massolution released the 2013CF Crowdfunding Market Analysis and Outlook reports, providing comprehensive assessment of the crowdfunding industry and where it’s going.

The two reports are based on the 2013CF Crowdfunding Industry Report, which was widely acclaimed and cited in prestigious publications like Bloomberg Businessweek, Reuters, and Time, among many others. 

The two reports released today parse out specific sections of the 2013CF Industry Report, for those who wish to focus only on market analysis or outlook. The reports were based on data gathered from 308 funding platforms across the world.

The 40-page Market Analysis Report provides a data-driven overview of how large the crowdfunding market has become, how fast it has grown and poised to grow, and what the most active regions are. The Outlook Report highlights trends, innovations, crossovers, and financial mechanics that are influencing the future of crowdfunding. It is a high-level analysis of the crowdfunding market and of the developments that lie ahead.

For more about the 2013CF Crowdfunding Industry Report, check out some of the stats here; stay tuned for more information about an upcoming Massolution report on crowdfunding software and solutions!

About Massolution:

Massolution is a unique research and advisory firm specializing in the crowdsourcing and crowdfunding industries. Massolution works with governments, institutions and enterprises in the design and implementation of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding business models that drive improved business performance, product and service innovation, enhanced levels of customer engagement and in the formation of new sources of capital.

Disclosure: Massolution also operates the industry website

You can reach a representative at Massolution by emailing

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