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Is Facebook the World’s Largest Crowdsourcing Platform?
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Is Facebook the World’s Largest Crowdsourcing Platform?

Today was the big day for Facebook, the now-ubiquitous social network. Facebook raised $16 billion in its initial public offering, valuing the company at $104 million. Investors shelled out $38 a share for a stake in the social media giant.

Most successful crowdsourcing ventures engage friends, family and strangers through social networks in some capacity — and with 900 million users, Facebook is an essential component of any social media strategy. But pondering Facebook’s IPO today, we started to wonder: is Facebook a fully-fledged crowdsourcing platform of its own?

We scoured our database to find some interesting instances of individuals or organizations tapping into the social network for their crowdsourcing solutions. Here are a few examples:

Again, that’s just a smattering of examples — you can find more here.

We’d like to hear from you on this topic: is Facebook a proper crowdsourcing platform — which would make it the world’s largest — or just a useful social tool? Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts below.

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  • Eric Mack Eric Mack May 18, 2012 05:36 pm GMT

    It's certainly a great "casual platform" but certainly not designed for crowdsourcing. Nonetheless, there's inevitably power and value to be found in what's basically the largest crowd ever assembled.

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