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Kickstarter Campaign Over, Where to Buy the Product?
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Kickstarter Campaign Over, Where to Buy the Product?

Saw a cool project on Kickstarter but missed out on donating to the campaign? Worry not – marketplaces for crowdfunded projects have recently begun to pop up, meaning you can get your hands on the latest gadgets even if the creators are no longer asking for funding and taking pre-orders.

One new such site is Created by tech enthusiast Sam Fellig, the platform lists a cornucopia of crowdfunded products. Some are already available for purchase, while others (like the Pebble smart watch) are currently ‘pre-orderable.’ Projects come from Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and RocketHub.

The site is simple and intuitive. Aside from choosing to view products that are currently available or pre-orderable, a user can also filter by category (‘iphone accessories,’ ‘stuff for children,’ ‘everything but apple’) or price.

The site doesn’t actually sell anything, redirecting the user to the product’s own website or a marketplace where the item is listed. While’s creator acknowledges that there is potential for a lot of money to be made in this quickly developing field, he claims that’s not his goal.

“My focus is on building a strong community that supports innovation, creativity, and small businesses,” Fellig recently told Turnstyle.

We’ve written in the past about companies bridging the crowdfunding gap – filling the space that exists between a campaign ending and the product being delivered to the customer.

Back then, we spoke with the team behind CrowdHut, which is currently in its beta stage. Their site is an actual e-commerce platform, meaning the products on there are for sale, and pay to be listed there. The CrowdHut team also helps with product fulfillment and looks at other marketing methods, like infomercials.

If crowdfunding is to succeed as an industry, it will need sites like and CrowdHut. But there is a whole host of other services entrepreneurs need to turn their crowdfunded ideas into actual products, and then make a sustainable business around those products.

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